Hello and welcome to Save Some Green.

We are proud to say we have been around a while now.. over a decade supplying direct to ladies and Germs as well as wholesaling to lots of wonderful stores throughout the UK and Europe.

It’s all pretty simple here..

Save Some Green is just about giving you choice.

Better, greener choices that are sourced with care and not making you pay through the nose for choosing them.

That wouldn’t be cricket!

We are a small team, Recycling all we can and getting everything to you as quickly as possible.

Everything we send is either sent out in recycled or reclaimed packaging.  Giving everything another chance to be useful!

We even use Paper tape (that we also sell!)

Do you need to know any more??

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Are we missing something?
Are you missing something?
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We are enormously proud to supply our Eco goodness Wholesale, supporting loads of Wonderful Zero waste and wholefood retailers through the UK.

If you are a Retailer and would like to stock any of our products, please drop us a line


Plastic Free Packing and Postage

We don’t like plastic here, horrible stuff mostly.

Even though it is integral to almost every part of daily life (Probably all over the device you are using to read this for example).

As such avoiding it is impossible. Even when you ask for it not to be included.

Very frustrating, so we don’t want to add to that.

The Packaging we use is as green as possible, all of our packing materials are paper based.  More often than not they are recycled and where ever possible, recyclable and compostable.

Your order may come in an envelope, or paper sack or cardboard box. We are quite keen on reusing Jiffy bags or packaging that other companies have sent out. Even occasionally cereal boxes. Reducing and reusing, my friends.

We don’t even use plastic tape.

You can rest assured that your delivery will never add to plastic waste. EVER!!


We Use Plastic Free Packaging…

It may seem silly to mention it again, however…

If you are ordering a big item, it probably will not fit in your letter box.

We will need a safe and importantly, dry place to deliver your order.

Paper and rain are not best pals.  It wouldn’t be very green to send an order out to be ruined by a bit of water.

Please consider this when choosing your delivery option.

We put our trust in the Royal mail to get everything to you where ever we can.

For bigger items we use a selection of couriers, We always try to get the most cost effective service we can.

If shipping cost can be avoided it is.. with big stuff it has to go by courier which costs more.

Every order placed and paid for before 2pm is shipped that day. We really want your order to reach you quickly.

Thanks for reading.

Have a smashing day!