We really aren’t joking when we say we use recycled packaging.

We definitely do.

We collect boxes at our local super helpful garage when they refill the shelves and we have become very attractive to helpful types who have nowhere else to put the mass of jiffy bags they have accumulated….

Don’t Throw Away!

It seems crazy to throw this packaging away when it can be used to pack your items securely and safely.  Especially if we can encourage you to reuse it again afterwards.  Our recycled paper delivery bags are fantastic for lining compost bins for kitchen scraps.

We have started filling voids in our boxes with cardboard rolls collected from a paper specialist we know and our paper tape rolls too.  Light and solid. It’s a great way to make sure your delivery arrives in the best condition.


For those who already buy through us, be it as a consumer or wholesaler, you have a voice! We take all opinions on board and product suggestions are most welcome. Just click the button to get in touch!

Get in touch!

We could go on..

(honestly, we could)  There is a strange satisfaction in packing a box perfectly. Like Tetris but with a sisal back scrub.

So, if you get a box which hints a being 6 bottles of Pinot Grigio, don’t be sad at your loss of a overly relaxed evening or three. 

Instead delight at your fabulous eco selection.

Revel in its sisal goodness, relish in its soapy luxuriance. R….   R…. Really enjoy the other things too.

Be secure in the peculiar satisfaction it gives us to deliver your order in the most eco way we can.