Save Some Green Valentine Pack.


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Uh Oh!

It’s that time of year again.

That special time twixt loved ones where we must show our appreciation and love for our other half.

How could you display it best?  I know… it is a challenge.

But quell your Terrors. Save Some Green is here to help

No present issues here.


The Valentines pack is the stuff of legend (quite bad ones admittedly… not even a dragon or a magic sword)

One of our rather lovely Coconut Soap dishes.

One rather glorious and randomly selected Hand Made Uno Bar (suitable for all, especially if your partner is a little whiffy)

and a Heart shaped Loofah Scrubby.


More inspired than the love twixt man and Albatross.. no, that was another thing..




All packed in an super eco recycled paper sack and sent plastic free too!

You can’t get much Greener.. although the bag is brown.. um….

Happy Valentines lovely people.

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