Save Some Green Earbuds (Wonky Box)


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So.. I have a got a few boxes that are coming undone.  The glue has dried a bit.

All perfectly fine but if you want a perfect box this won’t be for you!

If you want to save 20% because there is a dent.. Then bingo.  Its your lucky day.



We’ve all seen the chilling photograph of the seahorse clinging on to a used plastic earbud that has ended up in our oceans, along with millions of others.

Our amazing, Eco Friendly earbuds can put a stop to that.

The Save Some Green Earbuds come in packs of 200, are made from sustainable bamboo and soft cotton and are therefore 100% biodegradable.

Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, tall people, short people, Iron Man and the amazing Captain Underpants.  Even people from Swindon!

After usage, you can dispose of the cotton buds by simply throwing them into your compost.

Another smashing thing!





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