Fit Pit Organic Deodorant




Wowzas Trousers.

What a lovely new thing we have here.

Fit pit deodorants are the business. Made to the highest standards using only organic ingredients.

They make you smell.. in a good way.

No more stinky whiffiness for you. Instead, why not choose minty freshness or womanly comforts as your chosen eau de persona.

Designed to help your body be generally more lovely smelling and that can’t be bad.

It’s not just here where the thinking happens.  After a month of smelling great, you can return your nice clean jar for a discount of your next month of lovely.

Yes, that’s right, believe your eyes.

When finished go to you local zero waste store (they are full of lovely types) and save 30p of next months flavour.

I haven’t even mentioned that the deliveries arrive with returnable covers.

We send them back and they protect another delivery.

Proper Circular thinking.  Its a thing of beauty.

The only real choice is to decide what you want to smell like..


designed to be great for the environment with a fantastic circular refill system


Rub in cream with fingertips to underarms, melts on contact with warm skin. No waiting to dry. No white stains. The glass jar is reusable or recyclable and contains a month (25ml) or 3-month (100ml) supply.


How it works

Bicarbonate of Soda subtly alters your skins natural pH which prevents smell causing bacteria from thriving.

The Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, moisturise and soothe your skin.

Unlike some deodorants it doesn’t merely mask bad smell, it prevents it. And unlike antiperspirants it doesn’t block your sweat glands, which means your body can still remove toxins.

The result is healthier underarms with a fresher smelling you.

  • The Multi multi-award-winning* Fit Pit natural deodorant.
  • Tough all-day odour protection
  • 100% organic natural ingredients
  • Aluminium, paraben and BPA FREE
  • Plastic FREE
  • Cruelty FREE and vegan

*VegFest Awards 2018, Real Eco awards 2019, Plastic Free home awards 2020.-


Additional information

Weight .170 kg
Dimensions 7.2 × 7.2 × 4.8 cm
Fit Pit Flavours

Man, Sensitive, Woman, Peppermint, Tea Tree & Orange, Love


100ml, 25ml


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